Licensure and Certification Issues

On his retirement from government in September, 2005, Mr. Wheeler was the Director of the Michigan Bureau of Health Systems which regulated most institutional providers of health care in Michigan. Under Mr. Wheeler?s supervision, the enforced standards for nursing homes; acute care hospitals; health maintenance organizations (HMO?s); psychiatric hospitals and programs; primary health care services; home health agencies; hospice residences and hospice programs; homes for the aged; emergency medical services and EMT?s; freestanding outpatient surgical centers and ambulatory surgical centers; home health agencies; outpatient physical therapy programs; clinical laboratories; substance abuse service programs; mammography and radiation machines; and end stage renal dialysis (ESRD) facilities. The Bureau also administered the Health Facility Engineering Program, which reviewed over one billion dollars in health care expenditures annually.

Licensure and certification issues include

  • Acute Care Hospitals and Hospital Long Term Care Units;
  • Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTAC?s);
  • Nursing Homes;
  • Hospice Residences and Hospice Programs;
  • Freestanding Surgical and Urgent Care Centers;
  • Homes for the Aged and Assisted Living Facilities;
  • Home Health Agencies;
  • Clinical Laboratories;
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACO?s);
  • Physician Offices;
  • Group Practices;
  • Health Personal Licensure;
  • Substance Abuse Service Programs;
  • Primary Health Care Services;
  • Emergency Medical Services;
  • Mammography and Radiation Machines; and
  • End Stage Renal Dialysis (ESRD) Facilities.