Attorney and Counselor at Law

Contact Information and Directions to Office

Main Office

Address:4815 Dimond Way, Dimondale, MI 48821

Phone: (517) 268-0841

Fax: (517) 268-0840

Directions to Holt Office:

The office of Wheeler Associates PLC is located at the Holt Business Center, about 7 miles South of Lansing.

Take Cedar/Larch St. South from Lansing. When you reach Aurelius Road, turn right.

Past the Post Office, and before the traffic light, the Holt Business Center is located on the right, across from the Capital Area District Library.

Suite 3-A is located on the upper floor.

West-Michigan Branch

Address: 2164 Belding Ave., Fenwick, MI 48834

Phone: 1-517-980-0956